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Conservation and Restoration

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Structural Aspects of Building Conservation

Beckmann, Poul
A guide to the assessment and repair of historic buildings is invaluable for structural engineers, architects, surveyors and builders working in all aspects of building conservation. Taking a step-by-step approach, it discusses the appraisal of buildings and the differences in structural behaviour between new and existing structures.
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Conservation of Historic Buildings

Feilden, Bernard M.
Surveys the fundamental principles of conservation in their application to historic buildings, and provides the information needed by architects, engineers and surveyors for the solution of problems of architectural conservation in almost every climatic region of the world. This book includes sections on non-destructive investigation.
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Contemporary Theory of Conservation

Vinas Salvador Munoz-
Brings together ideas in conservation theory, presenting a structured, coherent analysis of the subject. This work is split into 3 parts such as: the fundamentals of conservation, questioning classical theories, and conservation ethics. It also shows the evolution of contemporary conservation theory.
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Conservation of Ruins

Ashurst, John
Defines various risks, which range from neglect, to destructive archeology, and intervention in the name of tourism. This book provides instruction on the conservation of ruins by structural and non-structural means, describing the procedures and conditions that need to be in place to ensure the protection of our important historic sites.
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Building Adaptation

Douglas, James**
Intended as a primer on the physical changes that can affect older properties, this book demonstrates the general principles, techniques, and processes needed when existing buildings must undergo alteration, conversion, extension, improvement, or refurbishment. It includes numerous illustrations and examples that focus on different building types.
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Eco-House Renovations: 45 Green Home Conversions

Rosenfeld L
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Practical Building Conservation: Metals

English Heritage
Suitable for architects, surveyors and building managers, as well as conservators, this title looks at building materials ranging from the ancient to the modern.
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Practical Building Conservation: Building Environment

English Heritage
Building Environment looks at the interaction between building materials and systems and their surroundings, and how this may lead to deterioration. It presents ways of assessing remedial treatments, and includes discussions on occupant health, and sustainable retrofitting.
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Practical Building Conservation: Mortars, Renders and Plasters

English Heritage
A reference for those caring for historic buildings large and small such as architects, surveyors and building managers, as well as conservators. Featuring various techniques and materials, it looks in detail at building materials ranging from the ancient to the modern.
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Construction Technology 3: The Technology of Refurbishment and Maintenance

Riley, M. & Cotgrave, A.
With an added emphasis on sustainability and energy performance as well as new sections on flooding and health and safety, this new edition has been thoroughly updated for Building Technology or Construction Management students studying the technology of refurbishment and rehabilitation of buildings.
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