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Conservation and Restoration

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Time Honored: A Global View of Architectural Conservation

Stubbs, John H
A comprehensive survey of the practice, theory, and structure of architectural heritage conservation throughout the world. Offering an argument for why architectural conservation is indispensable to modern life, Time Honored describes its parameters and evolution in an historical context.
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Maintaining and Repairing Old and Historic Buildings

Cullinane, John J.
The book includes background, rationale for treatment, annotated standards and guidelines for the treatment of historic buildings, building systems, and materials. It includes information on energy conservation, and meeting LEED as well as ADA requirements.
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Retrofitting the Built Environment

Swan, William
The physical upgrading of the existing domestic and industrial building stock to improve energy performance is an essential part of a transition to a low carbon society.
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Managing Built Heritage: The Role of Cultural Values and Significance

Bond , S & Worthington , D
This new edition examines management of built heritage through the use of values-led decision making, based on an understanding of the significance of the cultural asset. It considers how significance is assessed and used as an effective focus and driver for management strategies and processes.
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Practical Building Conservation: Building Environment

English Heritage
Building Environment looks at the interaction between building materials and systems and their surroundings, and how this may lead to deterioration. It presents ways of assessing remedial treatments, and includes discussions on occupant health, and sustainable retrofitting.
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Digital Innovations in Architectural Heritage Conservation: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Brusaporci, Stefano
Highlights innovative trends in electronic preservation techniques. Featuring extensive coverage on relevant topics such as cultural complexities, participative heritage, architectural backgrounds, and virtual reconstruction, this is an ideal publication for academics, graduate students, engineers, and researchers interested in expanding their knowledge of heritage conservation systems.
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Twentieth-Century Building Materials - History and Conservation

Jester, Thomas C.
A guide to the materials used in architecture during the past century, as well as tips on building repair and restoration. With more than 200 illustrations, including a full-color photographic essay, it focuses on the history and conservation of modern building materials.
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Concrete - Case Studies in Conservation Practice

Croft, Catherine
The first title in a new series aimed at sharing best practices in the conservation of modern heritage.
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Historic Cities - Issues in Urban Conservation

Cody, Jeff
The next volume in the GCI's Readings in Conservation series brings together a selection of seminal writings on the conservation of historic cities.
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