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Conservation and Restoration

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Spon's Practical Guide to Alterations & Extensions

Spon: Williams, A.
Offers information on extending or altering property. This book offers advice on how to make the project go smoothly from beginning to end. It also discusses developments in Computer Aided Design and structural calculations. It is intended for those trying to ensure that the processes involved are carried out efficiently and cost-effectively.
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Refurbishment and Upgrading of Buildings

Gorse, Christopher & Highfield David
Offers guidance to the technical aspects of refurbishing and upgrading buildings. This book includes technological information, and covers areas such as stonework restoration and repair, upgrading of c1960 framed buildings, refurbishment logistics and case-studies.
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Structural Design in Building Conservation

Theodossopoulos, Dimitris
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Architectural Tiles: Conservation and Restoration

Durbin L
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Sustainable Preservation: Greening Existing Buildings

Carroon, Jean
Sustainable Preservation takes a nuanced look at the hundreds of choices that adaptive reuse requires architects to make from ingenious ways to redeploy existing structural elements to time-honored techniques for natural ventilation to creation of wetlands that restore a site's natural biological functions.
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Time Honored: A Global View of Architectural Conservation

Stubbs, John H
A comprehensive survey of the practice, theory, and structure of architectural heritage conservation throughout the world. Offering an argument for why architectural conservation is indispensable to modern life, Time Honored describes its parameters and evolution in an historical context.
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Maintaining and Repairing Old and Historic Buildings

Cullinane, John J.
The book includes background, rationale for treatment, annotated standards and guidelines for the treatment of historic buildings, building systems, and materials. It includes information on energy conservation, and meeting LEED as well as ADA requirements.
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Contemporary Theory of Conservation

Vinas Salvador Munoz-
Brings together ideas in conservation theory, presenting a structured, coherent analysis of the subject. This work is split into 3 parts such as: the fundamentals of conservation, questioning classical theories, and conservation ethics. It also shows the evolution of contemporary conservation theory.
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Conservation of Ruins

Ashurst, John
Defines various risks, which range from neglect, to destructive archeology, and intervention in the name of tourism. This book provides instruction on the conservation of ruins by structural and non-structural means, describing the procedures and conditions that need to be in place to ensure the protection of our important historic sites.
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