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Conservation and Restoration

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Maintenance Architecture

Sample, H
An inventive examination of a crucial but neglected aspect of architecture, by an architect writing to architects.
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Building Reuse: Sustainability, Preservation, and the Value of Design

Merlino, Kathryn Rogers
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Traditional Farm Buildings and their Conservation

Brunskill, R.W.
Combines text with diagrams and photographs to explain and illustrate the farm buildings. This work records the origins and uses of traditional building types, then explores the conflicting demands of conservation and re-use and the dangers of enthusiastic restorers who may unwittingly destroy the character of that which they desire to preserve.
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Why Preservation Matters

Page M
Commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, a critique of the preservation movement-and a bold vision for its future
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The Production of Heritage: The Politicisation of Architectural Conservation

Chandler, Alan (University of East Londo
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Structural Restoration of Masonry Monuments: Arches, Domes and Walls

Penelis, George G. (Penelis Consulting E
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Historic Construction and Conservation: Materials, Systems and Damage

Roca, Pere (Technical University of Cata
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Heritage Building Information Modelling for Implementing UNESCO Procedures: Challenges, Potentialities, and Issues

Baik, Ahmad Hamed
"The main aim of this book is to develop and explore the value of new innovative digital content to help satisfy the UNESCO's World Heritage nomination file requirements"--
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Historic Preservation, Third Edition: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and Practice

Tyler, Norman
This classic text covers the gamut of preservation issues in layman's language.
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