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Conservation and Restoration

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Authentic Reconstruction: Authenticity, Architecture and the Built Heritage

Bold, John (University of Westminster, U
Examining the philosophy and practice of the 'authentic' reconstruction of historic buildings.
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Photographing Historic Buildings

Cole S
This book looks at what motivates us to take photographs and at some of the methods of using the camera to do so successfully. Illustrated throughout with examples of good and bad practice, this book sets out techniques and strategies in a simple and straightforward way for those who want to make their photographs of buildings truly effective.
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A History of Architectural Conservation

Jokilehto J
"First edition published 1999 by Butterworth-Heinemann."
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Heritage Building Information Modelling

Arayici, Y
"This book was inspired by a workshop held in March 2015 in Luxor Egypt entitled Trends in Heritage focused Building Information Modelling and Collaboration for Sustainability."
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Reconstructing Historic Landmarks: Fabrication, Negotiation, and the Past

Brown, Wayde (University of Georgia, USA
The reconstruction of landmarks is as old as the heritage conservation movement itself, yet Reconstructing Historic Landmarks is the first book to fully explore the role played by landmark reconstructions within the heritage conservation movement.
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UnDoing Buildings: Adaptive Reuse and Cultural Memory

Stone, Sally (Manchester School of Archi
UnDoing Buildings: Adaptive Reuse and Cultural Memory discusses one of the greatest challenges for the twenty-first century society: what is to be done with the huge stock of existing buildings that have outlived the function for which they were built?
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Dating Buildings and Landscapes with Tree-Ring Analysis: An Introduction with Case Studies

Rubino, Darrin L. (Hanover College, USA)
This book presents guidance, theory, case studies and methodologies for analysing tree-rings to accurately date and help preserve historic buildings and landscapes.
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Human-Centered Built Environment Heritage Preservation: Theory and Evidence-Based Practice

Wells, Jeremy C.
Human-Centered Built Environment Heritage Preservation addresses the question of how a human-centered conservation approach can and should change practice.
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Understanding Building Stones and Stone Buildings

Hudson, John A. (Imperial College London
This book covers the wide spectrum of subjects relating to obtaining and using building stones. The life of a building stone is explained from its origin in the quarry, through its exposure to the elements when used for a building, to its eventual deterioration.
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Wood Deterioration, Protection and Maintenance

Reinprecht L
Wood Deterioration, Protection and Maintenance provides an up to date discussion of the natural durability of wood, wood degradation processes, and methods of structural and chemical protection of wood.
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