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Conservation and Restoration

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Photographing Historic Buildings

Cole S
This book looks at what motivates us to take photographs and at some of the methods of using the camera to do so successfully. Illustrated throughout with examples of good and bad practice, this book sets out techniques and strategies in a simple and straightforward way for those who want to make their photographs of buildings truly effective.
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Timber Decay in Buildings and its Treatment

Ridout, Brian
Pesticides may be used in a `safe manner' and this is the province of the remedial company, but legislation is continuously evolving and pesticides are becoming increasingly unpopular. The second option is to take a little time and to consider the problem.
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Earth Building: History, Science and Conservation (EP 101)

Jaquin, P. & Augarde, C. BRE
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Sustainable Retrofitting of Commercial Buildings: Warm Climates

Hyde, Richard (ed)
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The Repair of Historic Buildings: Advice on principles and methods

Brereton C
A revised work offering comprehensive advice on how damage from inadequate maintenance can be avoided. It remains aware that a programme of repair must take into account a building's unique character, condition and historical development, and covers principles and methods of repair.
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