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Conservation and Restoration

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Staircases: History, Repair and Conservation

Campbell, James W. P.
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Wood Windows: Designing for High Performance

Trada ~~~
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Timber in Refurbishment

Slavid, Ruth
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Refurbishment and Repair in Construction

Doran, David K
Refurbishment and repair accounts for approximately 50 per cent of annual construction turnover. It is therefore essential that practitioners and those students who aspire to work in this sector are equipped with the best tools to do the job. A companion to "Site Engineers Manual", this title fills this gap in construction literature.
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Fragile Monument: on Conservation and Modernity

Arrhenius, Thordis
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Gauged Brickwork

Lynch, Gerard
Gauged brickwork is a term used to describe the superior finish required in the details of an important brickwork elevation. This book combines diagrams and photographs to describe each stage of the process, from rubbing, cutting and shaping the bricks to laying and carving them.
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Modern Practical Masonry

Warland, E
Provides a guide to modern practical masonry, based on drawings. Organized in three sections, this work includes chapters on construction details; methods of working particular structural shapes; both basic and advanced geometry and setting-out.
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Stone Conservation: Principles and Practice

Henry, Alison [ed.] ~
Winner of the RIBA Book Award, this publication brings together contributions from leading stone conservation practitioners. It discusses the philosophical principles on which stone conservation is founded and the need to understand the full history and development of a building before starting work.
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Specifications for Building Conservation: Volume 1: External Structure

Cullen R
Contains practical examples of specifications for building conservation.
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Sawyer, J.
Offers practical instruction on the tried and tested methods of plastering. This title includes useful drawings of the different features, including the tools, running moulds and geometry for setting out. It is suitable for conservation practitioners.
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