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Conservation and Restoration

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Conservation of Historic Brick Structures

Despite the widespread use of brick construction throughout the world, there has been no investigation into its deterioration and durability. This book provides the results of a major international study led by West Germany which examines the causes of decay in addition to the treatment and methods of conserving brickwork and historic mortars.
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best of Detail: Sanierung/Refurbishment

Schittich, Christian
Presents a broad range of highlights from detail on the topics of renovation, extension, restoration, refurbishment and conversion. With theoretical contributions, this book features examples of projects.
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Building Construction Drawing: A Class-book for the Elementary Student and Artisan

Eaton, Richard B.
Suitable for architects and other conservation specialists working on traditional buildings, this book includes specifications and working drawings of joinery details, drawn on a large scale, which complemented the earlier better known construction 'pattern books' of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
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Maintenance of Historic Buildings: A Practical Handbook

Klemisch J
A practical, hands-on guide to the maintenance of historic buildings. Based on many years of experience, this book provides invaluable aid to best practice maintenance, presented using a straightforward logical format.
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Country Cottage Conservation: A Guide to Maintenance and Repair

Claxton B
Suitable for those who love country cottages. From simple DIY redecoration to employing architects and builders to tackle significant repairs, this book is full of helpful information. It explains how cottage owners are able to protect and enhance their investment, and discusses various repair and redecoration options and their consequences.
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Practical Building Conservation: Concrete

English Heritage
A great deal of research and literature has been produced on repairing concrete structures, but very little aimed at conserving the character or appearance of historic examples. This volume, Concrete, offers guidance as to how that should be done. It includes a brief history of the use of the material and explains the criteria for listing.
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Timber Decay in Buildings and its Treatment

Ridout, Brian
Pesticides may be used in a `safe manner' and this is the province of the remedial company, but legislation is continuously evolving and pesticides are becoming increasingly unpopular. The second option is to take a little time and to consider the problem.
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The Fixtures and Fittings of Period Houses, 1714-1939

Collings J
Building features and materials are being lost or replaced on older houses at an alarming rate. This book enables the reader to identify original features and materials that have been used on houses from the Georgian period, through the Victorian and Edwardian periods and up until 1939.
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Farm and Rural Building Conversions: A Guide to Conservation, Sustainability and Economy

Ryan, Carole
Provides a detailed record of types of rural buildings and advice for conversion, including retention of period features where appropriate.
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The Stone Restoration Handbook: A Practical Guide to the Conservation Repair of Stone and Masonry

Daniels, Chris
Demonstrates the approach and techniques to use when preserving and repairing historic buildings. This book introduces the materials and the processes, and explains the proven methods to conserve, repair and restore stone, masonry, statuary and monuments. It is packed with illustrations, examples and advice on stone selection, working, and more.
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