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Conservation and Restoration

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Timber in Refurbishment

Slavid, Ruth
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Refurbishment and Repair in Construction

Doran, David K
Refurbishment and repair accounts for approximately 50 per cent of annual construction turnover. It is therefore essential that practitioners and those students who aspire to work in this sector are equipped with the best tools to do the job. A companion to "Site Engineers Manual", this title fills this gap in construction literature.
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Fragile Monument: on Conservation and Modernity

Arrhenius, Thordis
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Rehabilitated Spaces: Old Houses Made New

Magrinya, O
Old houses and apartments built in previous decades are reconfigured to satisfy contemporary living standards, showcasing compelling spaces where comfort and modern design prevail.
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Rehabilitation: Dealing With History

Mestre, Octavio
Explore how architects have helped breathe new life into old buildings using modern materials and aesthetics
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A+T 39-40 - Reclaim. Remediate Reuse Recycle

A + T
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A+T 41 - Reclaim. Domestic Actions

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Building from Waste: Recovered Materials in Architecture and Construction

Hebel , E.Dirk & Wisniewska , Marta H.
Offers a look into materials and products which use waste as a renewable resource for architectural, interior, and industrial design.
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Building in Existing Fabric: Refurbishment, Extensions, New Design

Schittich, Christian
All around us we encounter buildings whose original purpose has rendered them obsolete, and which now offer space for new uses. This publication examines a range of examples, highlighting successful and innovative solutions. Introductory essays examine the economical, technical, historical aspects of the topic.
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Energy-Efficiency Upgrades: Principles, Details, Examples

Richartz, Clemens [et al]
Offers a practical guide with concrete recommendations for realizing energy-related renovation measures. This book offers an overview of installation engineering measures that helps to evaluate possibilities, costs, and economic viability.
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