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Conservation and Restoration

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Conserving the Historic Environment

Pendlebury, John
Provides a grounding for planners and other related professionals in the key concepts associated with conservation and how to apply them in practice.
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Revaluing Modern Architecture: Changing conservation culture

Allan, John
This book explores the conservation, regeneration and adaptive re-use of Modern architecture.
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Old Buildings, New Ideas: A Selective Architectural History of Additions, Adaptations, Reuse and Design Invention

Francoise Astorg Bollack
Some architectural transformations are modest, some are revolutionary. With 30 case studies and 300 images, this is your journey through historical adaptations to buildings.
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The Art of Architectural Grafting

Gang, Jeanne
Jeanne Gang, one of America's most distinguished contemporary architects, proposes using the ancient plant-cultivation technique of grafting in architecture and urban design as an effective way to address the pressing issue of climate change.
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Restoring Notre-Dame de Paris: Rebirth of the Legendary Gothic Cathedral

Zachmann, Patrick
Currently rising from the ashes, Notre-Dame cathedral's restoration is shown in this beautiful book, a genuine ode to a monument rich in symbolism and secrets.
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Survey and Assessment of Traditionally Constructed Brickwork

Jenkins, Moses (Historic Environment Sco
The principal aim of this book is to improve the survey and assessment of traditionally constructed brickwork. It aims to ensure that those who have a cause to survey and assess buildings constructed of traditional (pre-1919) brickwork have a well-developed, clear methodology for undertaking effective, comprehensive surveys.
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Specifications for Building Conservation: Volume 1: External Structure

Cullen, Rory
This is the first of three volumes on specification writing for building conservation. By combining case studies and actual specifications this book provides the reader with an insight into how the National Trust approaches building conservation projects. Volume 1 is divided into two sections. Part 1 provides an overview of the specification pro
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Reclaimed: New homes from old materials

Craswell, Penny
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Transform: Promising Places, Second Chances, and the Architecture of Transformational Change

Berke, Deborah
A guide to contemporary architecture practice in one of the most important fields today—the transformative adaptation of existing buildings. A manifesto and survey of contemporary practice by one of the leading offices in this domain, Deborah Berke Partners.
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English Historic Carpentry

Hewett, Cecil A.
The definitive work from one of the most influential figures in the field of carpentry
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