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Construction and Engineering Law

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Listed Buildings and Other Heritage Assets

Mynors C
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FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books: A Practical Guide to the 2017 Editions

Grutters, Leo
FIDIC 2nd Edition Red, Yellow and Silver books provides a unique drafter s-perspective clause-by-clause analysis of the 2016 editions of the FIDIC contracts. Readers will understand how each sub-clause is interlinked and how to minimise and avoid future disputes through the accurate interpretation of clauses.
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Winward Fearon on Collateral Warranties

Cornes D Winward R
Since this book was first published over ten years ago, collateral warranties have been used increasingly by funding institutions, building purchasers and tenants to create a contractual relationship between themselves and other parties involved in the project, whether architect, engineer, contractor or subcontractor.
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Arbitration Practice in Construction Contracts

Stephenson, D.A.
Since it came into force on 31 January 1997 the Arbitration Act 1996 has generally been welcomed by users and practitioners in the construction industry. It has fulfilled expectations that it would provide a user-friendly and practical basis of resolving disputes arising from construction contracts in a fair, expeditious and economical way.
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Professional Services Agreements Second edition: A Guide for Construction Professionals

Barnes R
This is a comprehensive review of the issues that readers need to be aware of when negotiating the minefield of professional services contracts in the construction industry.
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ICE Dispute Resolution Procedures

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Prescribed Form of Record for a Large Raised Reservoir

Prescribed Form of Record for a Large Raised Reservoir is fully updated to incorporate the latest amends to the Reservoirs Act.
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FIDIC Users' Guide: A Practical Guide to the Red, Yellow, MDB Harmonised and Subcontract Books

Barr, Brian & Grutters, Leo
This new edition builds on Brian Totterdill's legacy and will ensure that all users are brought up-to-date with the most recent FIDIC developments and its expansion into a more international arena.
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CDM Regulations 2015 Explained

Joyce, Raymond
CDM Regulations 2015 Explained provides a straightforward, independent and authoritative assessment and analysis of the new 2015 CDM Regulations. The individual roles of each party involved in a construction project are detailed in light of the latest updates to the Regulations.
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CDM 2015 Questions and Answers, 3rd Edition

Perry, Pat
CDM 2015: Questions & Answers is a timely and practical handbook which provides best practice solutions to a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions about the regulations.
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