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Construction and Engineering Law

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Galbraith's Construction and Land Management Law for Students

de Silva, Carrie (Harper Adams Universit
"This textbook highlights the need for students on built environment related courses to access information on how the law relates to their profession"--
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Understanding the FIDIC Red and Yellow Books

Glover, Jeremy & Hughes, Simon
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Nutshells Contract Law

Duxbury, Robert
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The Presentation and Settlement of Contractors' Claims - E2

Trickey, G
Contractual disputes, often involving large sums of money, occur with increasing frequency in the construction industry. This book presents - in non-legal language - sound professional advice from a recognized expert in the field.
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Powell ]Smith and Furmston's Building Contract Casebook

Smith, Powell- , Furmston, Michael
The interaction between general principles and the provisions of the standard building and construction contracts is a central feature of construction law.
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The Expert Witness in Construction

Horne R & Mullen J
The role of the expert witness has long been important in the resolution of construction disputes. The specialist opinion brought by the expert can aid understanding and interpretation of the facts of the dispute, and may be influential in deciding the outcome.
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Building Contract Claims

Chappell, David
Many building projects are the subject of claims the assertion of a right, usually by the contractor, to an extension of the contract period or an additional payment under the terms of the building contract. Many of these claims are unsound or ill-founded, often because the basic principles are misunderstood.
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A Contractor's Guide to the FIDIC Conditions of Contract

Robinson, Michael
This guide will help the contractor s staff overcome some of the difficulties encountered on a typical international contract using FIDIC forms. The majority of FIDIC-based contracts use the Red Book (Conditions of Contract for Construction), so this book concentrates on the use of those particular forms.
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200 Contractual Problems and their Solutions

Knowles, Roger J.
This book examines 200 contractual problems which regularly arise on building and engineering projects and provides a detailed explanation of their solutions, citing standard contract conditions and key parts of legal judgements as authority. A succinct summary is provided at the end of each detailed solution.
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The Arbitration Act 1996: A Commentary

Harris, Bruce, Planterose, Rowen & Tecks
"There should not be a practitioner who does not have a copy. highly recommended. " Arbitration When first published, The Arbitration Act 1996: A Commentary was described by Lord Bingham as "intensely practical and admirably user-friendly".
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