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Construction and Engineering

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Concrete: A Studio Design Guide

Stacey, Michael
Offers an introduction to the design potential of concrete and its vital role in contemporary architecture. This title mixes issues such as design, aesthetics, and sustainability, with technical content such as how to set out the design of a concrete structure, guides to the basic principles, and how to achieve many different concrete finishes.
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External Timber Cladding

Trada: Taylor, Lewis; Kaczmar, Peter; Hi
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Basics Glass Construction

Achilles, Andreas
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Scale: Open I Close: Windows, Doors, Gates, Loggias, Filters

Reichel A & Schultz K eds. Scale Series
A practical handbook for the planning and construction of all forms of apertures and openings, from doors to skylights, from the first design idea to the final details, ideal for quick and targeted consultation.
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The Materials Book

Ruby Press
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100 Contemporary Wood Buildings

Jodidio P
Travel the world to investigate one of the greatest renaissances in architecture: wood. How has this elemental material come to steal the show at luxury hot spring structures and cutting-edge urban renewal schemes?
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100 of the World's Tallest Buildings

Wood , Antony
Features the official current list of the "100 Tallest Buildings in the World", as the CTBUH is the internationally recognised official arbiter of tall building heights. Readers will gain a better and more varied understanding of the skyscraper typology, why it is important and where it is innovative.
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