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Construction and Engineering

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Reclaimed Wood: A Field Guide

Armster, Klaas
Wood reclaimed from old houses, factories, barns, water tanks, and boardwalks has become a valuable commodity, treasured for the patina that gives witness to its history. This edition is the first complete visual handbook to this popular resource, covering history, culture, salvage, sources, contemporary uses in buildings and furniture, and practical advice.
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Measurement using the New Rules of Measurement

Ostrowski, Sean
The RICS New Rules of Measurement mean that the construction industry now has a way of allowing a more consistent approach to the measurement and estimating of buildings from the start of a project, right through until the end, and beyond.
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Value Management of Construction Projects

Kelly, John
Builds on the success of the first edition by extending the integrated value philosophy, methodology and tool kit to describe the application of Value Management to the areas of service delivery, asset management, and, Programmes, in addition to Projects, products and processes.
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Managing Measurement Risk in Building and Civil Engineering

Williams, Peter
Offers quantity surveyors, engineers, building surveyors and contractors clear guidance on how to recognise and avoid measurement risk.
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Structural Design of Buildings

Smith, Paul
Covering common problems, likely failures and their remedies, this is an essential on-site guide to the behaviourof a building s structure. Presented in a clear structure and user-friendly style, the book goes through all the structural aspects of a building and assesses the importance of the different components.
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Ferry and Brandon's Cost Planning of Buildings

Kirkham, Richard
This new edition of the classic quantity surveying textbook retains its basic structure but has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent changes in the industry, especially in procurement.
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Property Valuation Techniques

Isaac, David & O'Leary, John
The third edition of this popular textbook offers a comprehensive and student-friendly exploration of the application of property valuation and appraisal techniques.
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Cost Studies of Buildings

Ashworth, Allan
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Modern Methods of Valuation

Shapiro, Eric
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