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Construction and Engineering

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Bridge Safety, Maintenance and Management in a Life-Cycle Context

Frangopol, Dan M.
This book addresses important concepts and approaches developed recently on bridge safety, maintenance, and management in a life-cycle context.
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Ethics in Civil and Structural Engineering: Professional Responsibility and Standard of Care

Adams, Dave
Learn the principles and practices of ethics as applied to civil and structural engineering.
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Model Uncertainties in Foundation Design

Tang, Chong (NUS Singapore, Dept of Civi
Geotechnical design codes worldwide are increasingly being directed to reliability-based design, for which the characterization of model uncertainty is a critical element. This practical book is based on a global load test database which provides information on the foundation, site or soil investigation, and load test results.
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Static Analysis of Determinate and Indeterminate Structures

Derucher, Kenneth
This book presents students with the key fundamental elements of structural analysis and covers as much material as is needed for a single-semester course, allowing for a full understanding of indeterminate structural analysis methods without being overwhelming.
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Steel Construction: Set in 4 volumes

This set of four volumes on steel design by Terri Meyer Boake comprises both an overall approach for understanding how architects design and build with steel, as well as cutting-edge specialized topics reflecting the revolutionary transformation in the use of steel in architecture in the last decade.
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Container & Prefab Housing: Sustainable and Affordable Architecture

Minguet, Anna
Includes 16 selected projects, all developed with graphics, exterior and interior images, plans, elevations, sections and construction details.
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Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings

Hadi, Muhammad
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Helbig, Thorsten
Bridges shape landscapes and cities. They are structures of great value to society.
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Modern Structural Design: Constructing Complex Forms

Watts, Andrew
Newer buildings often have complex geometries. They require ample structural implementation of the architectural design, which is often costlier than it should be. The right expertise is needed in order to choose a construction approach that is safe yet economical and fully adequate to the design demands.
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Introduction to Built Asset Management

Higham, Anthony
Introduction to Built Asset Management Provides a multidisciplinary introduction to building maintenance management and execution, covering a wide range of current technical and management issues.
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