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Construction and Engineering

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The Future of Modular Architecture

Wallance, David (Architect PLLC)
The Future of Modular Architecture presents an unprecedented proposal for mass-customized mid- and high-rise modular housing that can be manufactured and distributed on a global scale.
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Building with Paper: Architecture and Construction

Knaack, Ulrich
Paper and cardboard as sustainable building materials are currently the subject of research and testing in building practice. Properly protected from moisture and fire, the material proves to be strong and durable. This introduction explains the basics and the technology of building with cardboard and paper and shows a wide range of exciting examples.
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Conceptual Joining: Wood Structures from Detail to Utopia / Holzstrukturen im Experiment

Allner, Lukas
This book explores experimental approaches to the design and construction of wooden structures in architecture, while presenting the results of an artistic research project.
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Critical Infrastructures Resilience: Policy and Engineering Principles

Ganguly, Auroop Ratan
Critical Infrastructures Resilience will be of interest to students of engineering and policy. It identifies solutions that are scientifically credible, data driven, and engineering principles.
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Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings for Seismic Performance: Practical Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches

Aschheim, Mark (Santa Clara University,
An elegant, simple and theoretically coherent design framework. Students users will benefit from the coverage of seismology, structural dynamics, reinforced concrete members, and capacity design approaches, which allows the book to be used as a foundation text in earthquake engineering - to both ACI 318 and Eurocode 8.
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Concrete Segmental Bridges: Theory, Design, and Construction to AASHTO LRFD Specifications

Huang, Dongzhou
Segmental concrete bridges offer expedited construction with minimal traffic disruption, lower life cycle costs, appealing aesthetics and adaptability to a curved roadway alignment. This design-oriented book suits junior bridge engineers and advanced students, with simple design examples based on the AASHTO LRFD Design Specifications.
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Site Investigation using Resistivity Imaging

Hossain, Sahadat
This book aims to bridge the gap that currently exists between the geotechnical/geo-environmental and geophysical engineering community. It is a comprehensive handbook for the application of Resistivity Imaging in geotechnical and geo-environmental site investigations.
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Miracles in Concrete: Structural Engineer August Komendant

Komebdant: Lecture
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IoT-Based Smart Waste Management for Environmental Sustainability

Acharya, Biswaranjan (KIIT Deemed to be
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Self-Healing Cementitious Materials: Technologies, Evaluation Methods, and Applications

Huseien, Ghasan Fahim
This book reviews technologies, evaluation methods, and applications of self-healing cementitious materials and examines concrete structures based on various materials with self-repair capability and their implications for the future use in sustainable projects.
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