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Modern Construction Handbook

Watts, Andrew
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Groundwater Lowering in Construction: A Practical Guide to Dewatering

Cashman, Pat M.
This covers the design, construction and environmental management of groundwater control and dewatering works for construction projects, for practising engineers, geologists and hydrogeologists, and Masters level students. With new chapters on monitoring, maintenance and decommissioning of dewatering systems, and case studies.
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Designing Shougang, or the Story of a Section

Bonino, Michele
The book overviews and analyses the most important steps that transformed initial design intentions into a defined proposal, passing through different solutions, changes, debates, and negotiations among the different stakeholders called into action along the whole process.
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Validity and Reliability in Built Environment Research: A Selection of Case Studies

Ahmed, Vian
This book aims to guide researchers who are engaged in social science and built environment research through the process of testing the reliability and validity of their research outputs following the application of different methods of data collection.
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Carbon - A Field Manual for Building Designers

Kuittinen, M
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Joining Metals

Tindell, Henry
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The Design and Construction of Pitched Roofing

Roofing Contractors, The National Federa
The Design and Construction of Pitched Roofing is the definitive guide to obtaining successful results in pitched roofing construction. Written by a team of experts from the NFRC and the RTA, the representative groups in industry for roofing construction.
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High-Performance Double Skin Facade Buildings: Climatic-Based Exploration

Azarbayjani, Mona
This book provides a comprehensive theoretical platform for the use and construction of Double Skin Facade projects.
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