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Analysis, Design and Construction of Foundations

Cheng, Yung Ming (Hong Kong Polytechnic
This outlines methods for the analysis and design of shallow and deep foundations, with particularly reference to Hong Kong and China. It covers planning and designing, with some computational tools for realistic analysis, along with new and innovation construction methods and case studies.
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Construction: Manual

Mettler, Daniel
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Guidelines for Thermography in Architecture and Civil Engineering: Theory, Application Areas, Practical Implementation

Richter, Torsten
Theory, Application Areas, Practical Implementation
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Basics Masonry Construction

Kummer, Nils
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Basics Facade Apertures

Krippner, R. & Musso, F.
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Building in Existing Fabric: Refurbishment, Extensions, New Design

Schittich, Christian
All around us we encounter buildings whose original purpose has rendered them obsolete, and which now offer space for new uses. This publication examines a range of examples, highlighting successful and innovative solutions. Introductory essays examine the economical, technical, historical aspects of the topic.
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Components and Connections: Principles of Construction

Meijs, M. & Knaak, U.
Every building is composed of parts, or components, that may be organized in various ways. For example, there are different ways to configure walls so that they perform their functions in an efficient manner. This title describes the individual elements, such as floor slabs, roofs, openings, and foundations.
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Building simply two: Sustainable, cost-efficient, local

Schittich C ed.
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Fassaden / Facades: Gebaudehullen fur das 21. Jahrhundert / Building Envelopes for the 21st Century

Hindrichs, Dirk. U; Heusler, Winfried [e
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Dry Stone Walls: Basics, Construction, Significance

Swiss Environmental Action Foundation
A uniquely comprehensive source of knowledge on all aspects of dry stone walls.
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