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Wood Flooring: A Guide to Installation

Trada: Kaczmar, Peter
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Procuring engineered timber buildings: A client's guide

Trada, BM
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Modern Practical Masonry

Warland, E
Provides a guide to modern practical masonry, based on drawings. Organized in three sections, this work includes chapters on construction details; methods of working particular structural shapes; both basic and advanced geometry and setting-out.
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Sawyer, J.
Offers practical instruction on the tried and tested methods of plastering. This title includes useful drawings of the different features, including the tools, running moulds and geometry for setting out. It is suitable for conservation practitioners.
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Masonry & Plastering

Lawrence, Mike
Many bricklaying, plastering and masonry jobs can be mastered by a do-it-yourselfer. This guide explains the basic techniques and provides detailed instructions for 30 projects in the house and garden, suitable for beginners.
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Tiltwallism: A Treatise on the Architectural Potential of Tilt Wall Construction

Brown, Jeffrey
An introductory resource to architects and an inspiration to contractors, developers and structural consultants who have encountered Tilt Wall construction.
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Brickwork: History, Technology and Practice: v.1

Lynch, Gerard C.J.
Covers various aspects of brickwork and bricklaying practice. This book presents a background to the historical development of the brick, the craft of bricklaying from the 13th century, and describes the process of brick manufacture.
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Brickwork: History, Technology and Practice: v.2

Lynch, Gerard C.J.~~
The second of six volumes which offer an in-depth guide to all aspects of brickwork and bricklaying practice, this volume examines the elements of building construction in brick. The text covers both the contemporary and traditional aspects of substructure brickwork.
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Masonry, Bricklaying and Plastering

Burn,Roger Scott-
Burn wrote this book in 1871 at a time of great developments in science and industry, and when materials for building were constantly being improved. It offers coverage of traditional materials such as brick and pise, but also examines the developments in the use of cement for wall coverings.
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Refurbishing Stairs in Dwellings to Reduce the Risks of Falls and Injuries

Roys, Mike
Considers the aspects of poor stair design that can be repaired or replaced in order to mitigate most of these risks
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