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Iron Bridge, England: Hefte zur Baukunst Volume 2

Stiftung, Hermann Reemtsma
Hefte zur Baukunst, a publication series issued by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, puts the spotlight on architectural structures that are of historic importance, documenting their background, development, and professional restoration. Text in English and German.
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Peter C, et.al.
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Level 1 NVQ/SVQ Diploma Brickwork Candidate Handbook

Whitten, Dave
Heinemann's popular resources now available for NVQ Brickwork Level 1! Tailor-made textbook for the Level 1 learner that covers all the content from the CAA Diploma specification, so that candidates have the right tools for job.
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Design and Construction of Concrete Floors

Garber, George
Outlines the key principles needed for the production of a good floor. This book covers: uses of concrete floors; structural design; concrete used specifically for floors; cracks and joints; and floor surface properties. It demonstrates how to successfully design and build concrete floors by drawing from a range of global experience.
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Painting and Decorating

Hughes R
Details the underpinning knowledge of the materials, tools and techniques required for successful painting and decorating. This book provides guidance towards developing the essential skills required for those wishing to embark on a career in decorative occupations. It guides the readers through each of the key areas and processes in the field.
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The City & Guilds Textbook: Bricklaying for the Level 1 Diploma (6705)

Jones, Mike
Lay the foundation for a career as a bricklayer. Published in association with City & Guilds and suitable for the 6705 Diploma, as well as other Level 1 Bricklaying qualifications, this highly illustrated and accessible book covers the principles of construction, setting out, block walls, brick walls, cavity walls, and health and safety.
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The City & Guilds Textbook: Carpentry & Joinery for the Level 1 Diploma (6706)

Redfern, Stephen
Carve out a career as a carpenter or joiner. Published in association with City & Guilds and suitable for the 6706 Diploma, as well as other Level 1 qualifications, this highly illustrated and accessible book will introduce the principles of construction, how to use hand and power tools, woodworking joints, and health and safety.
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Masonry Wall Construction

Hendry, A.W.
This volume provides a concise overview of the main facets of masonry wall construction, including materials, structural design, types of walls, movement, insulation, rain exclusion, site practice, defects and repair.
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Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control and Specification

Day, Ken W. Aldred, James & Hudson, Barr
This new edition provides comprehensive, readily understandable assistance to concrete producers in the design and control of their product. It shows how to apply the principles with or without elaborate systems and achieve competitive mix designs and close quality control without either excessive expenditure or extensive theoretical study.
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Manual of Purpose-Made Woodworking Joinery

Goring, Les
The step-by-step guide to a range of woodworking and joinery tasks.
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