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Glass Construction Manual

Schittich, Christian [et al]
From the history through the technical foundations, this book features developments on planning and building with glass.
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Basics Facade Apertures

Krippner, R. & Musso, F.
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DETAIL - ausgewahlte Beitrage aus 20 Jahren / selected articles from the past 20 years

Wie die Zeitschrift selbst, bietet die Publikation weitreichende Inspirationen und Hilfestellungen fur die tagliche Arbeit.
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Building simply two: Sustainable, cost-efficient, local

Schittich C ed.
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Modern Concrete Construction Manual: Structural Design, Material Properties, Sustainability

Peck M ed : Edition Detail
Concrete is enjoying enormous popularity with planners and builders thanks to the vast potential inherent in its load-bearing capacity and its diverse properties and surface characteristics. This publication focuses on the design and construction of concrete load-bearing structures, and also on concrete's material characteristics.
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Building Openings Construction Manual: Windows, Vents, Exterior Doors

Cremers J: Edition Detail
Building openings provide light, ventilation and climate control for rooms. It covers materials, construction types and specifics of structural connections, incl. solutions on how to deal with existing older windows and issues of ventilation, the use of solar energy and ecological sustainability.
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Brickwork Level 1: For Construction Diploma and Apprenticeship Programmes

Thorpe, Malcolm (past President of the G
This reflects new Occupational Standards and the UK Building Regulations. It gives the apprentice an introduction into building methods and construction technology, and follows very closely the Training Specification for Apprenticeship and Diploma units, with multiple choice questions and a companion website for adopting course instructors.
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Brickwork Level 2: For Construction Diploma, Technical Certificate and Apprenticeship Programmes

Thorpe, Malcolm (past President of the G
This reflects new Occupational Standards and the UK Building Regulations, to Level 2 of the current Occupational Standards at Diploma, Technical Certificate and Apprenticeship, with multiple choice questions and an eResource for adopting course instructors.
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