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Construction Waterproofing Handbook

Kubal, Michael T.
A project-simplifying blueprint for state-of-the-art construction waterproofing design and installation, updated to include mold, mold remediation, and residential waterproofing.
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Masonry Wall Construction

Hendry, A.W.
This volume provides a concise overview of the main facets of masonry wall construction, including materials, structural design, types of walls, movement, insulation, rain exclusion, site practice, defects and repair.
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Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control and Specification

Day, Ken W. Aldred, James & Hudson, Barr
This new edition provides comprehensive, readily understandable assistance to concrete producers in the design and control of their product. It shows how to apply the principles with or without elaborate systems and achieve competitive mix designs and close quality control without either excessive expenditure or extensive theoretical study.
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Manual of Purpose-Made Woodworking Joinery

Goring, Les
The step-by-step guide to a range of woodworking and joinery tasks.
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Construction Mathematics

Virdi, Surinder
The perfect way to go from a beginner to having a true understanding of the maths essential for construction.
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Builders' Detail Sheets

Smith, Sam
Illustrated contents revised to building regulations 1985, and the latest British Standards and Codes of Practice.
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Foundation Movement and Remedial Underpinning in Low-Rise Buildings: (BR 184)

Based on the findings of a comprehensive survey, this report gives guidance on underpinning practice.
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Brickwork Level 1: For Construction Diploma and Apprenticeship Programmes

Thorpe, Malcolm (past President of the G
This reflects new Occupational Standards and the UK Building Regulations. It gives the apprentice an introduction into building methods and construction technology, and follows very closely the Training Specification for Apprenticeship and Diploma units, with multiple choice questions and a companion website for adopting course instructors.
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Brickwork Level 2: For Construction Diploma, Technical Certificate and Apprenticeship Programmes

Thorpe, Malcolm (past President of the G
This reflects new Occupational Standards and the UK Building Regulations, to Level 2 of the current Occupational Standards at Diploma, Technical Certificate and Apprenticeship, with multiple choice questions and an eResource for adopting course instructors.
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