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Computational Fluid Dynamics in Building Design

Chitty, Richard
Understand how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is applied to building design. This guide for non-experts gives guidance on best practice, focussing on fire safety, ventilation, thermal comfort and wind movement around buildings.
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Applying fabric first principles to comply with energy efficiency requirements in dwellings

Stenlund, Steven
Find out about building regulation requirements for energy efficiency in dwellings and how to comply with them using fabric first principles
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Radon: Guidance on Protective Measures for New Buildings (2015 Edition)

Scivyer, Chris
Get updated practical guidance for reducing the concentration of radon in new buildings, extensions, conversions and refurbishment projects. This guide includes updated radon maps.
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Materials Science In Construction: An Introduction

Ahmed, Ash & Sturges, John
Explains the science behind the properties and behaviour of construction's most fundamental materials (metals, cement and concrete, polymers, timber, bricks and blocks, and glass and plaster). This book examines the critical factors affecting in-situ materials, such as deterioration and the behaviour and durability of materials under performance.
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Light Spaces: Designing and Constructing with Plasterboard

Schultz, K
The building physics and comfort-relevant properties of gypsum drywall construction make it a particularly sustainable and versatile construction method. The book links the great architectural and sculptural potential of this building method with its construction requirements.
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Basics Steel Construction

Bielefeld B
Buildings with wide spans, such as industrial plants and warehouses, are usually built with steel. This book imparts the basic understanding needed for planning with steel as a building material.
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Support I Materialise: Columns, Walls, Floors

Baurman HJ et.al.
Columns, walls and floors make up the skeleton of nearly every building. Thisthird volume in the series SCALE, Support| Materialise, takes an in-depth look at these load-bearing structures, covering the development and realization of appropriate constructions from idea and design intention all the way to constructional implementation.
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Enclose | Build: Walls, Facade, Roof

Krammer, Martin et al
The fifth volume of the SCALE series is an indispensable tool for every architect and planner. It shows the conditions under which certain constructions can be employed and why; The book also offers a look at future developments. What do viable concepts for environmentally active, energy-efficient building shells look like?
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