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Construction Mathematics

Virdi, Surinder
The perfect way to go from a beginner to having a true understanding of the maths essential for construction.
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Builders' Detail Sheets

Smith, Sam
Illustrated contents revised to building regulations 1985, and the latest British Standards and Codes of Practice.
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Foundation Movement and Remedial Underpinning in Low-Rise Buildings: (BR 184)

Based on the findings of a comprehensive survey, this report gives guidance on underpinning practice.
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Construction Science and Materials

Virdi S
Construction Science & Materials is designed to cover topics studied at levels 2 5 on Construction HND courses and is also suitable for first year undergraduates on construction courses as well as Building surveying, Architectural Technology and Quantity Surveying.
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Brickwork and Blockwork

Durkin, Joseph
Organised in three parts, Brickwork and Blockwork provides the student with an introduction to the diploma syllabus, complete coverage of the individual training units for the Diploma in Bricklaying and finally coverage of the methods of gathering work-based evidence, its preparation and the skills of mapping and tracking.
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Mineral Admixtures in Cement and Concrete

Bapat, Jayant Dattatraya
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Post-Disaster Reconstruction of the Built Environment: Rebuilding for Resilience

Amaratunga, D. & Haigh, R.
After a disaster strikes, the construction industry is often engaged in a range of critical activities: providing temporary shelter after the disaster; restoration of permanent shelter and public services such as hospitals, schools, water supply, power, communications, and environmental infrastructure.
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Rivington's Building Construction

Offers comprehensive coverage of different aspects of building construction work. This title covers brickwork, carpentry and roofing, giving practical guidance on different aspects of the work and offering definitions of the terms used. It includes sections on joinery, stairs and floors.
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Adams' Building Construction

Campbell, James: Adams
Henry Adams' book on building construction is considered one of the finest text books of the Edwardian era. First published in 1906, this reprint of the 1912 edition is an ideal reference offering invaluable information on traditional construction techniques. The book is copiously illustrated with the author's own excellent drawings.
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