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Brickwork: History, Technology and Practice: v.1

Lynch, Gerard C.J.
Covers various aspects of brickwork and bricklaying practice. This book presents a background to the historical development of the brick, the craft of bricklaying from the 13th century, and describes the process of brick manufacture.
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Brickwork: History, Technology and Practice: v.2

Lynch, Gerard C.J.~~
The second of six volumes which offer an in-depth guide to all aspects of brickwork and bricklaying practice, this volume examines the elements of building construction in brick. The text covers both the contemporary and traditional aspects of substructure brickwork.
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Masonry, Bricklaying and Plastering

Burn,Roger Scott-
Burn wrote this book in 1871 at a time of great developments in science and industry, and when materials for building were constantly being improved. It offers coverage of traditional materials such as brick and pise, but also examines the developments in the use of cement for wall coverings.
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Mitchell's Building Construction and Drawing 1906

Mitchell, Charles F.
The highly regarded Mitchell's series, and these reissues in particular are an invaluable tool in helping the modern-day architect to understand how a change of use to a historic building will impact on the materials used in its construction.
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Fundamentals of Residential Construction

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