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Building with Paper: Architecture and Construction

Knaack, Ulrich
Paper and cardboard as sustainable building materials are currently the subject of research and testing in building practice. Properly protected from moisture and fire, the material proves to be strong and durable. This introduction explains the basics and the technology of building with cardboard and paper and shows a wide range of exciting examples.
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Conceptual Joining: Wood Structures from Detail to Utopia / Holzstrukturen im Experiment

Allner, Lukas
This book explores experimental approaches to the design and construction of wooden structures in architecture, while presenting the results of an artistic research project.
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The Future of Modular Architecture

Wallance, David (Architect PLLC)
The Future of Modular Architecture presents an unprecedented proposal for mass-customized mid- and high-rise modular housing that can be manufactured and distributed on a global scale.
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Chudley and Greeno's Building Construction Handbook

Chudley, Roy (Formerly Guildford College
The 12th edition of the Chudley and Greeno's Building Construction Handbook remains THE authoritative reference for all construction students and professionals, with new material on modern methods of construction, greater emphasis on sustainability and a new look interior.
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Basics Timber Construction

Steiger, Ludwig
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Rethinking Wood: Future Dimensions of Timber Assembly

Hudert, Markus
Fifteen case examples from research, teaching, and practical applications provide inspiring insights into the potential of formable wood-based materials and digital design: Woven Wood, Wood Foam, Living Wood and Organic Joints, Timber Joints for Robotic Building Processes, Efficiencies of Wood, Designing with Tree Form.
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Cross-laminated timber: Design and performance

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction is increasingly being used for residential, commercial and public sector buildings. Offering a significant strength to weight ratio, improved installation speeds, reduced on-site waste and a high standard of airtightness, CLT also has the advantage of being a renewable resource.
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External Timber Cladding

Trada: Taylor, Lewis; Kaczmar, Peter; Hi
External Timber Cladding is now established as the definitive guide to timber cladding and design.
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Basics Architecture 02: Construction & Materiality

Farrelly, Lorraine
Explores the key materials used in construction. This book examines the future of construction and materiality in architecture whilst considering aspects of structure, construction and sustainability.
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