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Components and Systems: Modular Construction - Design, Structure, New Technologies

Staib, Gerald, Dorrhofer A. Rosenthal M.
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Building in Timber - Room Modules

Huss, Wolfgang
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Dry Construction: Principles, Details, Examples

Tichelmann, Karsten: Pfau, Jochen
Provides an overview of the most widely used dry construction systems, organized according to the building components wall, ceiling, and floor and their applications.
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Basics Glass Construction

Achilles, Andreas
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Construction Technology For Tall Buildings (4th Edition)

Yit Lin Chew, Michael
Introduces the advanced construction practices and processes for tall buildings from foundation to roof. This title presents the methods, materials, equipment and systems used for the construction of tall buildings.
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Pile Design and Construction Practice

Tomlinson, Michael
This international piling handbook details current types of pile, piling equipment, and methods. It includes calculations of the resistance of piles to compressive loads, pile groups under compressive loading, piled foundations for resisting uplift and lateral loading, and the structural design of piles and pile groups. Marine structures, durabi
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Building Construction Drawing: A Class-book for the Elementary Student and Artisan

Eaton, Richard B.
Suitable for architects and other conservation specialists working on traditional buildings, this book includes specifications and working drawings of joinery details, drawn on a large scale, which complemented the earlier better known construction 'pattern books' of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
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Timber-framed Buildings

Hayman, Richard
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Complete Book of Framing: An Illustrated Guide for Residential Construction

Simpson, Scot
The bestselling step-by-step framing guide--updated and expanded to meet 2018 codes and standards
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Off-site and industrialised timber construction 2nd edition

Hairstans, Dr Robert
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