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Timber Decking Manual

Trada Hislop, P. & Keyworth, B.
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Wood Flooring: A Guide to Installation

Trada: Kaczmar, Peter
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Procuring engineered timber buildings: A client's guide

Trada, BM
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Wood Urbanism: From the Molecular to the Territorial

Hutton, Jane
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Designing Processes: A Strategy for the Future of Construction

Bergmann, Christian
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Support I Materialise: Columns, Walls, Floors

Baurman HJ et.al.
Columns, walls and floors make up the skeleton of nearly every building. Thisthird volume in the series SCALE, Support| Materialise, takes an in-depth look at these load-bearing structures, covering the development and realization of appropriate constructions from idea and design intention all the way to constructional implementation.
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Glass in Building: Principles, Applications, Examples

Weller, B. & Unneweher, S.
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Enclose | Build: Walls, Facade, Roof

Krammer, Martin et al
The fifth volume of the SCALE series is an indispensable tool for every architect and planner. It shows the conditions under which certain constructions can be employed and why; The book also offers a look at future developments. What do viable concepts for environmentally active, energy-efficient building shells look like?
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Flat Roof Construction Manual: Materials, Design, Applications

Sedlbauer, Klaus et al
Provides the planner with basic rules of construction and design. This book supplies an overview of the use and construction types as well as the standard assemblies for flat roofs.
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Construction Manual for Polymers + Membranes: Materials, Semi-finished Products, Form Finding, Design

Knippers, J. et al
From the history of plastics and membranes in architecture to their material properties and requirements in construction and design, this title provides an overview of the subject.
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