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Basics Steel Construction

Bielefeld B
Buildings with wide spans, such as industrial plants and warehouses, are usually built with steel. This book imparts the basic understanding needed for planning with steel as a building material.
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Basics Building Construction

Bielefeld B
Clearly structured and focused, this compendium explains the characteristics of various important construction materials (masonry, timber, concrete, steel, glass).
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Light Spaces: Designing and Constructing with Plasterboard

Schultz, K
The building physics and comfort-relevant properties of gypsum drywall construction make it a particularly sustainable and versatile construction method. The book links the great architectural and sculptural potential of this building method with its construction requirements.
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Creating Shade: Design, Construction, Technology

Chris van Uffelen
Protection has always been the most genuine function of architecture. In the context of global warming one of the most needed type of protection is from and against the sun. This necessity has led to an impressive creative outburst of amazing technology.
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Facades: Principles of Construction

Knaack, Ulrich
Demonstrates the principles of facade construction. Guidelines are suggested for good detailing. This book describes the installation procedures for the most common materials - glass, wood, steel, concrete, and aluminum.
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Scaffolds and Falsework: Constructions, Structural Design, Assessment

Hertle, Robert
When designing and realizing commercial buildings, plants, bridges, tunnels, etc. , it is crucial to take into consideration the conditions resulting from temporary works equipment. The author is a licensed checking engineer and member of committees working on technical standards.
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Building in Existing Fabric: Refurbishment, Extensions, New Design

Schittich, Christian
All around us we encounter buildings whose original purpose has rendered them obsolete, and which now offer space for new uses. This publication examines a range of examples, highlighting successful and innovative solutions. Introductory essays examine the economical, technical, historical aspects of the topic.
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Roof Construction Manual: Pitched Roofs

Kiessl, Kurt
A comprehensive reference work on the construction of pitched roofs, containing over 1800 plans and 220 photographs. This work documents thirteen fundamental roof types and the relevant materials including thatch, wood, slate, tile, concrete, fibrous cement, bitumen, glass, metal, membranes, and synthetic materials.
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