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Education and Childrens Spaces

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Community Schools: Designing for sustainability, wellbeing and inclusion

Taylor, Helen
A practical guide to how to best design education buildings that meet the wellbeing needs of students and staff, and add social, environmental and economic value to their wider communities.
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Montessori Architecture: A Design Instrument for Schools

Lawrence, Steve
Presents nine case studies of Montessori school buildings in Europe and tropical countries through photos, plans, and concise texts.
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University Trends: Contemporary Campus Design

Coulson, Jonathan
Within this completely revised third edition, Part One identifies current patterns such as student hubs, large-scale expansions and buildings for innovation and interdisciplinary research. Part Two profiles these through recent, well-illustrated, global case studies. This is the essential guide to current and future trends in campus design.
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Creating the Regenerative School

Ford, Alan
Designing the Regenerative School profiling case studies from around the world that exemplify best practices in creating healthy, climate appropriate learning environments for early learners through high school with designs that are not only beautiful places to learn, but embrace restorative principles.
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Community Development and Schools: Conflict, Power and Promise

Warner, Mildred
This book lays out the promise and potential of schools as community building institutions. It explores the challenges faced in incorporating schools into broader community development policy and recognizes the changing demographics of schools and the need to integrate schools with economic development policy.
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The Playground Project

Burkhalter, Gabriela
Much-expanded and updated new edition of this already classic book on playground design around the world. Features new research findings on playgrounds in the former German Democratic Republic and new portraits of German playground designers.
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Schools and Kindergartens: A Design Manual

Dudek M
Illustrates how the most up-to-date educational strategies are realized in built form. This book explains all its relevant aspects such as role in the community, outdoor spaces, sustainability and technical requirements like lighting and acoustics. It is suitable for architects involved in the design of schools and kindergartens.
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Designing MIT: Bosworth's New Tech

Jarzombek, M.
A generously illustrated account of artistic clashes, bureaucratic tangles, and contemporary politics that accompanied the design and building of MIT's Cambridge campus.
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