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Education and Childrens Spaces

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Case Design - A School In The Making

case Design, Mumbai
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Children's Spaces

Dudek, Mark~~
A collection of essays concerned with the experiences children have within the supervised worlds they inhabit, as well as with architecture and landscape architecture. It illustrates international examples of innovative childcare practice together with the design processes which informed their development.
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How to Grow a: Development and Design

Masiulanis K ed.
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Designing Spaces for Early Childhood Development: Sparking Learning & Creativity

Kotnik, Jure
Reveals the relationship between early childhood space design and childhood development, through a selection of kindergarten, childcare and nursery (creche) designs from around the world.
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Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities

Neuman D J
Written by an expert who is the architect of the University of Virginia, Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities provides an updated essential guide to the design of college and university buildings.
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Redesigning Pedagogies in Innovative Learning Spaces

Blackmore J
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School Design Matters: How School Design Relates to the Practice and Experience of Schooling

Daniels H et.al
Presenting qualitative and quantative findings from the unique Design Matters? project, this timely book explores the complex relationship between school design and practice to consider how environmental aspects impact on the day-to-day perceptions, actions and behaviours of pupils, teachers, leaders and professionals in the school community.
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Designing Buildings for the Future of Schooling: Contemporary Visions for Education

Daniels, Harry
Bringing together leading experts from the fields of architecture, engineering, education and the social sciences, this collection presents a multi-dimensional understanding of the complexities and ways in which school design influences and is influenced by educational practice and present a bold vision for the future use of school buildings.
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