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Education and Childrens Spaces

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Designing Schools: Space, Place and Pedagogy

Willis, Julie
Through international cases studies that span the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia, this volume examines historical innovations in school architecture and situates these within changing pedagogical ideas about the 'best' ways to educate children.
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Transforming Children's Spaces: Children's and Adults' Participation in Designing Learning Environments

Clark, Alison
Based on two actual building projects, this book demonstrates the possibilities of including young children's perspectives in the design and review of children's spaces.
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Design for the Changing Educational Landscape: Space, Place and the Future of Learning

Harrison, Andrew
The complete design guide for any architect working on a learning environment from pre-school to tertiary education.
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University Trends: Contemporary Campus Design

Coulson, J
This fully updated, new edition identifies current trends such as starchitecture, large-scale campus extensions, adaptive re-use, and international branch campuses.
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Spatial Design with Children: How to do it

Parnell R
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Colleges & Universities: Educational Spaces

Kramer, S
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Kindergartens: Educational Spaces

Galindo M
Showcases 60 of the most outstanding innovations worldwide in the field of kindergarten. This title covers: Kindergarten in Sighartstein, Austria (Kadawittfeldarchitektur); Els Colors Kindergarten in Barcelona, Spain (RCR Architectes); Taka Tuka Land in Berlin, Germany (Baupiloten); Bubbletecture M in Shiga, Japan (Shuhei Endo); and, more.
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Playground Design

Galindo, Michelle
Playgrounds are places where children can slide, swing, jump, skate, climb and do all those things which their motor control development requires. This title deals with the international kidscapes and presents some of the most innovative concepts and trends of this area of design.
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Building to Educate: School Architecture & Design

Kramer, Sibylle
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