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Education and Childrens Spaces

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Exposed Architecture: Exhibitions, Interludes, and Essays

Martinez Abascal, Isabel
Offers an overview of work by young architects in Latin America, sheds light on practice and aesthetics in contemporary Latin American architecture, and looks at the manifold difficulties and challenges faced by local architects.
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Hec Campus: Evolution of a Model

Todd P & Duplantier, Martin
HEC Paris is a leading European school of advanced business studies with a global community of students from Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
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The Shenzhen Universiade Center

Gerkan, Meinhard von , Stephan Schütz, e
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CUBITY: Energy-Plus and Modular Future Student Living

Joppien, Arnett-Maud, & Hegger, Manfred
CUBITY is the first modular residential cluster for students worldwide that meets an energy-plus standard. This innovative spatial concept is based on a house-within-a-house principle, with very minimised individual rooms and maximised communal areas with different temperature zones under one roof.
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Play All Day: Design for Children

Ehmann, Sven ; Klanten, Robert ; Moren
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best of DETAIL Bauen fur Kinder / Building for Children: Highlights aus DETAIL / Highlights from DETAIL

Schittich, Christian
Der aktuelle Band aus der Reihe "best of Detail" liefert neben knappen theoretischen Exkursen eine Vielzahl von realisierten Projektbeispielen, die von der Krippe bis zum Gymnasium, vom Kulturhaus fur Kinder bis zum Jugendzentrum faszinierende Loesungen fur das breite Spektrum an Bauaufgaben fur Kinder und Jugendliche aufzeigen.
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Gandhi Bhawan

Jain, Dr Shikha
With several images, maps and plans, this publication hopes to make accessible the work of many architects, engineers, conservators and scholars, ensuring the preservation of this architectural gem and the hopeful vision it embodies.
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The University Is Now On Air, Broadcasting Modern Architecture

Moreno, Joaquim
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The New Craft School

Jap Sam
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New School Designs

Qian, Yin
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