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Carbon: A Field Manual for Building Designers

Kuittinen, M
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Design of Structural Elements: Concrete, Steelwork, Masonry and Timber Designs to Eurocodes

Arya, Chanakya (University College, Lond
This concise introduction to the design of structural elements outlines design principles and guidance in line with Eurocodes for reinforced concrete, structural steelwork and steel/concrete composites, masonry and timber, with design philosophy, sustainability, basic structural concepts, and material properties. Companion website included.
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Model Uncertainties in Foundation Design

Tang, Chong (NUS Singapore, Dept of Civi
Geotechnical design codes worldwide are increasingly being directed to reliability-based design, for which the characterization of model uncertainty is a critical element. This practical book is based on a global load test database which provides information on the foundation, site or soil investigation, and load test results.
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Static Analysis of Determinate and Indeterminate Structures

Derucher, Kenneth
This book presents students with the key fundamental elements of structural analysis and covers as much material as is needed for a single-semester course, allowing for a full understanding of indeterminate structural analysis methods without being overwhelming.
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Engineering in Plain Sight: An Illustrated Field Guide to the Constructed Environment

Hillhouse, Grady
Engineering in Plain Sight is a beautifully illustrated field guide to the infrastructure around us.
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Soil Nailing: A Practical Guide

Cheung, Raymond
This book covers design, construction, quality control, monitoring and maintenance of soil nailing, along with case studies of projects, for practicing engineers and graduate students.
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Architectural Structures: Visualizing Load Flow Geometrically

Saliklis, Edmond
This book presents a groundbreaking new way of establishing equilibrium in architectural structures using the Modern Muller-Breslau method. A detailed, yet approachable guide, Architectural Structures is ideal for students of architecture, construction management, and structural engineering, at all levels.
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Civil Engineer's Handbook of Professional Practice

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Earthquake Science and Engineering

Aydan, OEmer
This book addresses scientific and engineering aspects of earthquakes, which are generally taught and published on separately. This book intends to fill the gap between these two fields associated with earthquakes and help seismologists and earthquake engineers better communicate with and understand each other.
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