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An Encyclopaedia of World Bridges

McFetrich, David
Contains approximately one thousand main entries describing more than 1200 individual bridge structures and hundreds of full colour photographs.
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Examples in Structural Analysis

McKenzie, William M.C. (Napier Universit
This code-independent and comprehensive collection of fully worked and graded examples shows undergraduates how to analyse different types of structure, with the main analysis techniques, with some detailed mathematics. Now with pin-jointed frames and arches and cables, with more on the direct stiffness method and influence lines for beams.
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Site Assessment and Remediation for Environmental Engineers

Surbeck, Cristiane Q.
Site Assessment and Remediation for Environmental Engineers provides upper-level undergraduate and graduate students with practical, project-oriented knowledge of how to investigate and clean up a site contaminated with chemicals and hazardous waste.
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The Bridge: The epic story of an Australian icon - the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Lalor, Peter
A special 90th anniversary edition of the definitive story of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the world's most amazing engineering feats - a structure that has become an international icon.
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Design of Hybrid Structures: Where Steel Profiles Meet Concrete

Plumier, Andre (University of Liege, Bel
This guide focuses on design approaches for concrete structures reinforced in an unconventional way by steel profiles. It draws on the European Smartcoco research project, of experimentation and numerical modelling, giving practical guidance for designers and introducing the subject for researchers and graduate students.
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Matters of Engineering Design: AKT II

Kara, Hanif
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Low Carbon Concrete (ICE Themes)

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Critical Infrastructures Resilience: Policy and Engineering Principles

Ganguly, Auroop Ratan
Critical Infrastructures Resilience will be of interest to students of engineering and policy. It identifies solutions that are scientifically credible, data driven, and engineering principles.
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