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Britain's Greatest Bridges

Rogers, Joseph
From the world-renowned to the minor and the modest take a look at this lavishly illustrated look at some of Britain's best loved and iconic bridges.
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Fundamentals of Deep Excavations

Ou, Chang-Yu (National Taiwan University
Aimed at both theoretical explication and practical application. From basic to advanced, this book attempts to achieve theoretical rigorous and consistency. Each chapter is followed by a problem set. For teachers who teach foundation engineering and/or deep excavation courses and engineers.
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Design of Shallow and Deep Foundations

Frank, Roger
This practical guide introduces the concept of limit state calculations, before focusing on shallow and deep foundations. The limit state combinations of actions are examined and practical calculation models of the bearing capacity for settlement are presented.
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Soft Ground Tunnel Design

Jones, Benoit (Inbye Engineering, UK)
This manual for the design of tunnels and underground spaces in soft ground focuses on stability, prediction of ground movements and structural design of the lining. It develops from basic principles of soil-structure interaction, through the effects of construction sequence, to the effects of construction on surface or subsurface structures.
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Structural Analysis Fundamentals

Gayed, Ramez (Thyssenkrupp Industrial So
This covers all that is taught in graduate and undergraduate structural analysis courses, including the calculation of internal forces induced by different loads and used in the design. It instills a good and broad sense of structural behaviour under different loading and shows how to make intuitive checks of computing results.
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Fundamentals of Ground Improvement Engineering

Evans, Jeffrey (Bucknell University, USA
This textbook addresses the current ground improvement techniques and also suits professionals. It introduces key methods, with the underpinning theory, design principles, and construction approaches. It contains numerous problems and worked examples.
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Civil Engineering Project Management

Twort, Alan
This new edition updates and revises the best practical guide for on-site engineers to reflect the latest changes to management practice and new forms of contract. Written from the point of view of the project engineer it details their responsibilities, powers and duties.
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101 Things I Learned in Engineering School

Frederick M
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Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down

Gordon, J.E.
Presents the secrets of materials science. This book explains the importance and properties of different structures.
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Structural Engineer's Pocket Book: Eurocodes: Eurocodes

Cobb, Fiona
This comprehensive pocket reference guide for professional and student structural engineers, especially those taking the IStructE Part 3 exam, gives stripped-down basic material-tables, data, facts, formulae, and rules of thumb. It delivers a compact source of job-simplifying and time-saving information.
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