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Hayman, Richard
A brief history of the design and construction of bridges in the UK from medieval times to the modern day, including famous and notable examples such as Tower Bridge and the Forth Bridge.
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Designing timber structures: An introduction

Norman, Dr James
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Why Buildings Fall Down: Why Structures Fail

Levy M Salvadori M
The authors examine buildings of all kinds, from ancient domes like Istanbul's Hagia Sophia to the state-of-the-art Hartford Civic Arena. Their subjects range from the man-caused destruction of the Parthenon to the earthquake damage of 1989 in Armenia and San Francisco.
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A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering

Gorse, Christopher
The most up-to-date dictionary of its kind. In over 8,000 entries, it covers the key areas of construction and civil engineering, construction technology and practice, construction management techniques and processes, as well as legal aspects such as contracts and procurement.
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Building Structures: understanding the basics

Millais, Malcolm
This is a one-stop book for knowing everything important about building structures. Self-contained and with no prerequisites needed, it is suitable for both general readers and building professionals.
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Fire Safety Design for Tall Buildings

Fu, Feng
Fire Safety Design for Tall Buildings provides structural engineers, architects and students with systematic introductions to fire safety design for tall buildings based on current analysis methods, design guidelines and codes.
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Diagrid Structures: Systems, Connections, Details

Boake T M
Developed a decade ago for spectacular buildings like the Swiss Re in London, diagrid structures connect a breathtaking appearance with tangible advantages: a massive reduction in material use, a gain of available floor surface area and more flexibility. This book gives a comprehensive account of the key aspects of this structural system.
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Link it!: Masterpieces of Bridge Design

Uffelen, Chris Van
Because bridges are very often particularly prominent and symbolic ventures, architects and engineers have to find the best balance possible between statics and design. This volume presents works that represent contemporary engineering as well as the aesthetic highlights of recent years.
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Engel, Heino
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