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Health Buildings and Hospitals

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Design for Dementia: Living Well at Home

Halsall, Bill (Halsall Lloyd Partnership
Designing for Dementia is written by an interdisciplinary team of professionals and academics whose aim is to present lessons learnt from the Dementia Demonstration House at the Building Research Establishment's Innovation Park.
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Rising Oceans & Spaces That Care: Complexities and ideas behind the Friendship Hospital by Kashef Chowdhury / URBANA in Bangladesh

Graber, Niklaus
In times of global crises, architecture must also seek new sustainable approaches to climatic and social challenges. Designed by Kashef Chowdhury / Urbana, the Friendship Hospital in southern Bangladesh can be regarded as pioneering in this respect.
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Building to Heal: New Architecture for Hospitals

Vollmer, Tanja C.
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Person-Centered Health Care Design

Kopec, Dak (University of Nevada, USA)
This book presents the specialized area of person-centered health care design, which focuses on a person's design needs because of one or more health conditions and requires foundational knowledge pertaining to infection control, bio physiology, neuroscience, and basic biomechanics.
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The Healthy Indoor Environment: How to assess occupants' wellbeing in buildings

Bluyssen, Philomena M.
Offers a holistic approach to the understanding of the different factors that lead to a healthy indoor environment.
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Nature through a Hospital Window: The Therapeutic Benefits of Landscape in Architectural Design

Jiang, Shan
this book uses two state-of-the-art experimental studies to explore nature's therapeutic benefits in healthcare environments, emphasizing how windows and transparent spaces can strengthen people-nature interactions.
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The Architecture and Landscape of Health: A Historical Perspective on Therapeutic Places 1790-1940

Collins, Julie
The Architecture and Landscape of Health explores buildings and landscapes that were designed to treat or prevent disease in the era before pharmaceuticals and biomedicine emerged as first line treatments.
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Institut Jules Bordet Instituut (Multi-lingual edition)

Brunet, Jerome
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Environment-Behavior Studies for Healthcare Design

Ding, Suining
Environment-Behavior Studies for Healthcare Design explains how environment-behavior (EB) studies can contribute to healthcare design research and explores how evidence-based theories can be applied and integrated into the healthcare design practice.
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Healthcare Design Basics

Karlen, M
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