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Health Buildings and Hospitals

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Modern Hospice Design: The Architecture of Palliative Care

Worpole, Ken
Features the rise of the modern hospice movement that began in 1967. This book describes the lessons the hospice movement has for fresh ideas about buildings for healthcare across the world. It is suitable for architects and interior designers, estate and facility managers involved in hospice design, healthcare professionals.
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Design Tools for Evidence-Based Healthcare Design

Phiri M
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Integrating Care: The architecture of the comprehensive health centre

Syllas, Justin de
Case studies contributed by: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects, London; Avanti Architects, London; Henley Halebrown Rorrision Architects, London; Holder Mathias Architects, London; Holmes Miller Architects, Glasgow; Kennedy FitzGerald Architects, Belfast; MBLA Architects and Urbanists, Manchester; Penoyre and Prasad Architects, London.
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Design for Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care

McCuskey Shepley, Mardelle
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Innovations in Behavioural Health Architecture

Verderber S
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Architecture and the Modern Hospital: Nosokomeion to Hygeia

Willis, Julie
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Pathways to Well-Being in Design: Examples from the Arts, Humanities and the Built Environment

Coles, Richard (Birmingham City Universi
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Healthcare Architecture as Infrastructure: Open Building in Practice

Kendall, Stephen H. (Emeritus Professor
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Healthcare Spaces: 6

Yee R
Healthcare decision makers and their architects and interior designers will be inspired by innovative the featured new healing environments that embody design concepts they can study and adapt for their own use.
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