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Health Buildings and Hospitals

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Institut Jules Bordet Instituut (Multi-lingual edition)

Brunet, Jerome
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Environment-Behavior Studies for Healthcare Design

Ding, Suining
Environment-Behavior Studies for Healthcare Design explains how environment-behavior (EB) studies can contribute to healthcare design research and explores how evidence-based theories can be applied and integrated into the healthcare design practice.
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Healthcare Design Basics

Karlen, M
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Understanding the Maggie's Centres: An Architecture of Care

Placidi, Dr Andrea (Oxford Brookes Unive
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Nature through a Hospital Window: The Therapeutic Benefits of Landscape in Architectural Design

Jiang, Shan
this book uses two state-of-the-art experimental studies to explore nature's therapeutic benefits in healthcare environments, emphasizing how windows and transparent spaces can strengthen people-nature interactions.
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Future Healthcare Design

Singha, Sumita
This book describes how architects can design better healthcare buildings for a rapidly changing context and climate. Innovation in the design of healthcare estates is essential to the sustainability of our health services.
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Architecture and Health: Guiding Principles for Practice

Battisto, Dina (Clemson University, US)
Architecture and Health brings together architects, academics, social scientists and more to explore and analyse innovative design strategies that advance health. This book proposes a set of principles that can be used to design environments to promote health and healing, regardless of program or scale.
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The Architecture of Health: Hospital Design and the Construction of Dignity

Murphy Jr. , Michael P.
Buildings can shape our lives, improve our health, and transform society. Academic histories of architecture and medicine overlook the importance of hospital design. This book shows how hospitals embody the social hierarchies of their time. Hospitals influence individual behavior, and they have the potential to advance human rights. To study hospitals is to unlock the laws of architecture
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