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Health Buildings and Hospitals

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Hospital Architecture

Weller, Christine Nickl-
As life expectancy is extended, medical procedures continually advance and competition between health care providers intensifies, hospital design becomes increasingly important. Drawing on over 60 examples from across the world, this title illustrates the contemporary approach to hospital architecture.
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Healing Architecture

Weller c Nickl- & Nickl H
This title presents the fundamental principals behind the conception and design of built space and their effect on coping with illness. One of the key questions to be answered is how architecture can contribute to healing.
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The Patient Room: Planning, Design, Layout

Sunder, Wolfgang
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Doctors' Practices

Galindo, Michelle
Compiles designs worldwide that break through the stereotype of doctors practices as cold and often stressful environments. This title includes projects that intend at balancing medical technology and functionality with the need to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for the patients, visitors and staff.
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Uffelen, Chris Van
Pharmacies constitute a special form of commercial architecture. This title features examples that show the design sophistication with which pharmacies, from a functional as well as atmospheric standpoint, set themselves apart from the historical chemists shelves and the competitors.
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Room For Therapy

Jensen, Caroline
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Architecture for Health

Weller, Christine Nicky
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Health and Architecture: The History of Spaces of Healing and Care in the Pre-Modern Era

Gharipour, Mohammad (Morgan State Univer
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Innovations in Transportable Healthcare Architecture

Verderber S
Innovations in Transportable Healthcare Architecture is the first book to examine the ways that healthcare architecture can provide better assistance in disaster-stricken communities.
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Designing Public Spaces in Hospitals

Borgianni S
Designing Public Spaces in Hospitals illustrates that in addition to their aesthetic function, public spaces in hospitals play a fundamental role concerning people's satisfaction and experience of health care.
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