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Health Buildings and Hospitals

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Healthcare Architecture as Infrastructure: Open Building in Practice

Kendall, Stephen H. (Emeritus Professor
Written by experts with experience in policy-making, designing, building, and managing complex healthcare environments, it shows professionals in architecture, engineering, healthcare and facilities management how to enhance the long-term usefulness of their campuses and how to strengthen their physical assets with the capacity to accommodate a quickly evolving healthcare sector.
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Healthcare Spaces: 6

Yee R
Healthcare decision makers and their architects and interior designers will be inspired by innovative the featured new healing environments that embody design concepts they can study and adapt for their own use.
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Modern Clinic Design: Strategies for an Era of Change

Vickery, Christine Guzzo
Shift Clinic design to keep pace with the evolving healthcare industry Modern Clinic Design: Strategies for an Era of Change is a comprehensive guide to optimizing patient experience through the design of the built environment.
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Design for Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care

McCuskey Shepley, Mardelle
Design for Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care provides an overview of the design and research issues associated with the development of environments for pediatric and neonatal intensive care.
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Innovations in Behavioural Health Architecture

Verderber S
The book presents an expansive and fully illustrated set of international case studies, that express state-of -the -art advancements in architecture for behavioural healthcare.
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Architecture and the Modern Hospital: Nosokomeion to Hygeia

Willis, Julie
It explores the evolution of hospital design in the twentieth century, analysing the ways architects re-imagined the modern hospital. It examines how the expansion of medical institutions was enabled by new approaches to architectural design and it highlights the conviction that physical health would become the cornerstone of human welfare.
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BIM in Healthcare Infrastructure: Planning, design and construction

Phiri, M
Mentoring for Civil Engineers is a guide to planning and implementing the training of professional civil engineers. In an increasingly fast-moving industry, ensuring that engineers have the necessary skills, ability and commitment is key to success.
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Moshe Zarhy, Health Facilities in Israel

Pawlik, Peter R.
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