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Home Renovation and Extension

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The Housebuilder's Bible: 15th edition: 2023

Brinkley, Mark
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Draughtproofing and Insulation: A Practical Guide

Cowling, Tony
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Old House Handbook: A Practical Guide to Care and Repair, 2nd edition

Hunt, Roger
Old House Handbook is a completely authoritative guide on how to look after your old house - whether Tudor, Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian - authorised by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.
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Houses Extensions

Martinez, Patricia
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How to extend your Victorian terraced house

Green, Jaqueline
Packed with detailed plans, ideas and case studies for a range of house types and sizes, along with photos and 3D sketches, this book provides you with all the design inspiration and advice needed to embark on a Victorian terrace renovation.
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Restoring Your Historic House: The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners

Hanson, Scott T
How to accommodate contemporary life in a historic house. This book does not repeat basic information that is readily available in many standard DIY books about carpentry, wiring, and plumbing. Rather, it shows how to adapt those DIY skills to the specialized needs of a historic house.
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The Handbook of Home Design: An Architect's Blueprint for Shaping your Home

Clark, Laura Jane
Laura Jane Clark brings you inspiring architectural ideas and design solutions for updating your home without breaking the bank.
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Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Decks 7th Edition: Featuring the latest tools, skills, designs, materials & codes

Editors of Cool Springs Press
This updated seventh edition of The Complete Guide to Decks is a step-by-step manual that incorporates changes to national codes as well as fresh deck design trends.
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Black & Decker The Hardworking Home: A DIY Guide to Working, Learning, and Living at Home

Johanson, Mark
Black & Decker The Hardworking Home is chock-full of ideas and how-to tutorials on adapting your home environment to efficiently accommodate home office space, home and remote schooling, and living in the emerging cultural reality.
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