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Hotels and Resorts

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Tiny Hotels

Siebeck, Florian
If the best things come in small packages, then these 40 tiny hotels from around the world are sure to provide an exceptional experience.
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British Boutique Hotels

Jackson, Gina
A sumptuous guide to Britain's most sought-after hotels, from country escapes to unique city stays.
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Hotel Buildings: Construction and Design Manual

Ronstedt, Manfred
In this handbook on successful hotel planning, the authors present an in-depth planning aid for the design and construction of hotel property. In doing so, the requirements of both hotel operators and planners are considered simultaneously. Hotel Buildings is addressed to architects, interior designers, project managers, as well as project develop
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Living on Vacation: Contemporary Houses for Tranquil Living

Phaidon Editors
Escape and unwind with this breathtaking collection of contemporary homes - each designed with relaxation in mind
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Stay Wild: Rural Getaways and Sublime Solitude

Leave the city behind you, switch off, reconnect with yourself and nature, and fall in love with the world again.
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Stay With Me: The Most Creative Hotel Brands in the World

Harvey C
The past decade has seen an explosion in the number of boutique hotels the world over. Through clever branding and unique interiors, they capture our dreams and yearnings, providing refuge for vacationers and weary business travelers alike.
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Remote Places to Stay: The Most Unique Hotels at the End of the World

Pappyn, Debbie
Discover magical, remote locations around the world, from Africa to the Arctic, that will help you disconnect from modern life and enter a state of wonder. Silence. Calm. Open spaces. These are the new luxuries.
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Hotel Plans

Minguet, Anna
Hotel Plans contains more than 300 floor and elevations plans, as well as constructive details of 35 hotels projects from around the world.
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Leisure Spaces - Holiday And Architecture In 20th Century Estonia

Similar to the rest of the world, holidays and leisure spaces emerged as a trend in Estonia in the early 20th century. During the Soviet era, holiday-making became a universal right, and the state promoted its development in various forms.
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