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101 Hotel Rooms, Vol. 2

Joehnk C Kretschmar_
466,00 kr
excluding shipping

A Sustainable Bodega and Hotel

Spence, John
327,00 kr
excluding shipping

ALPENORTE / ALPINE RETREATS: uber Nacht in besonderer Architektur / Unique hotel architecture

Bauerle H
Fascinated by the Alps, the authors spend most of their free time in the mountains. In this book, they offer background information on construction and tips on travelling in the Alps, general maps, and a list of addresses that is suitable for readers interested in architecture and for anyone who loves the Alps.
519,00 kr
excluding shipping

Bed-and-Breakfast in China

Chen, Weixing
350,00 kr
excluding shipping

Christian Lacroix and the Hotels

Lacroix C
1 225,00 kr
excluding shipping

Design Art of Hotel

Li Aihong
Showcasing hotels with special and bespoke themes.
560,00 kr
excluding shipping

Detail in Contemporary Hotel Design

Plunkett, Drew & Reid, Olga
Hotel interiors need to satisfy the imaginations of their customers and whet the appetite for a return visit or recommendation, and the design that gets the formula right will do as much to prolong the life of the business as the service delivered within the hotel. This book explores 48 hotel interior design schemes.
467,00 kr
excluding shipping

Dream Tropical Resorts

Broto, E
233,00 kr 583,00 kr
excluding shipping