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Floating Houses: Living Over the Water

Martinez, Patricia
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The Tiny Book Of Tiny Homes

McKenzie, Caroline
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Built to Inspire: Contemporary Homes by the World's Great Architects

Jodidio, Philip
Built to Inspire is a breathtaking book. These lavishly photographed pages are filled with incisive commentary and detailed plans and diagrams that help illuminate world-renowned architecture critic and writer Philip Jodidio's incisive peek into twenty-six of the best contemporary house designs from around the globe.
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150 Best Tiny Interior Ideas

Zamora, Francesc
From the 150 Best series, a gorgeous collection of inspiring design ideas for transforming tiny interiors into beautiful and inviting living spaces. Over the past decade, tiny spaces have grown in popularity thanks to skyrocketing real estate costs, increased awareness of climate change, and a return to urban living.
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Eco Homes in Unusual Places: Living in Nature

Martinez, Patricia
Houses on the side of a mountain, on rocky terrain, or on cliffs by the sea - a perfect blend of contextual architecture and interior design that channels our shared desire for peace and tranquility.
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Modular Tiny Apartment Plans

Minguet, Anna
Modular Tiny Apartment Plans includes over 150 floor plans, sections, sketches and elevations, and the construction details for 30 projects.
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New Town Houses: Creative Architecture Between Walls

Minguet, Eva
New Town House brings together a collection of some of the more interesting and creative town house projects which have been recently constructed.
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Container and Prefab Homes: Eco-Friendly Architecture

Martinez, Patricia
Pre-fabricated architecture is a growing phenomenon in the world of contemporary design. Container and pre-fab homes are both stylish and affordable and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional house builds.
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