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A Tasarim Mimarlik: The Architecture of Ali Osman OEzturk

Ozturk, Ali Osman
A monograph devoted to one of Turkey's leading architects.
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Tall Buildings of China

Binder G
Presents the latest tallest buildings and skyscrapers in China.
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Living Little: Simplicity and style in a small space

Jenkins, Hannah
Living Little is a beautiful book that shows dozens of compact spaces that are also sophisticated, comfortable, functional, interiors.
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Architecture China: RE/DEFINE Tradition

Xiangning, Li
RE/DEFINE Tradition is a collective coverage as well as critique on newly emerging works related to a new tradition in China.
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Coco Raynes: 50 Years of Design Evolution

Coco Raynes Associates
A monograph covering the work of Boston-based graphic design firm Coco Raynes, including logos, interiors, architecture and signage.
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The Fine Art of Designing a Home: Wadia Associates

Wadia Associates
Award-winning architecture and design firm Wadia Associates brings together an impeccable selection of exquisite traditional residential designs of many high-end American homes, apartments, gardens, and interiors.
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A2RC Architects

A2R.C Architects
One of the main concerns of Brussels-based architecture firm A2RC is the continuing urbanization of the city of Brussels. Critical of attempts over the years to modernize Brussels, A2RC's aim is to pursue the reintegration of the city by offering full architectural services for the transformation, restoration and readaptation
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Eco Skyscrapers: Volume 2

Yeang, Ken: Bullivant L
This publication focuses on sustainability within the architecture and design of eco skycrapers.
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