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Exhibition as Construction Experiment

Chang, Yung Ho
Through more than forty exhibition designs made by Chang and his team, the book showcases his original approach to construction and shares his thoughts on the relationship between architecture and the timeless aspects of 'exhibition'.
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Urban Oasis: Tranquil Outdoor Spaces at Home

Gross, Rebecca
Urban Oasis is a journey through the private havens found in some of the world's busiest cities, where ingenious design offers a place among the high rise buildings to relax and entertain.
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Food Store: 50+ Stunning Interior Designs & Branding Concepts

Bellisario, Paolo Emilio
Over 50 case studies of newest food shops which shows exciting design ideas of branding and interior design.
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Matharoo Associates: Architectural Practice in India

Jodidio, Philip
A unique contemporary Indian firm that forges a progressive practice that is conceptually rooted in Indian tradition.
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Interior Design: Planning to Succeed

The Images Publishing Group
World-renowned interior designers provide detailed analysis of diverse projects, guiding the reader through the development process.
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Critical Skills for Solving Design Problems: Useful Tips from Architects in Practice

Davis P M
With analysis on nearly twenty projects from well-known architects, this book provides an unmissable opportunity to learn from the experts.
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Correlations: Life + Work: Bentel & Bentel Architects

Bentel, Carol
A celebration of a multi-generational architecture firm Bentel & Bentel, through prominent buildings and interiors as well as through an illustrated presentation of the partners' histories, working methods, and artistic pursuits.
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Architecture China: Architects' Studios

Li, Xiangning
A look into the offices of 14 outstanding Chinese architects and the desk of Pritzker Prize winner Wang Shu
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