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Future Homes: Sustainable Innovative Designs

Friedman, Avi
New challenges on a global scale have forced a rethinking about the way homes and communities are designed. Future Homes provides an engaging and in-depth analysis of possible solutions.
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TSK: Selected Works

A beautifully presented monograph on a wide selection of projects by TSK, a multi-award-winning architecture and interior design firm that focuses on regionally sensitive modernism and sustainable design.
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Architecture Is Fun

Exley, Sharon
This highly illustrated monograph offers a glimpse into the firm Architecture is Fun, and the participatory process of its designs, and why it believes that architecture and play are transformative for all.
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Archgroup International: Turning Imagination into Reality

Archgroup International
Features an insightful account of this Dubai-based firm's rise over 25 years to become a juggernaut of international architectural design.
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Classic Kitchens for Modern Living

Sarah Blank Design Studio
A close-up look at the elegance and craftmanship of Sarah Blank Design Studio's contemporary classicist designs.
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Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum

Pei, Zhu
A detailed insight on how Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum was formed - from design concept to environmental strategies, to construction techniques and materials. It also shares the architect's personal thoughts on the design and intention of the museum.
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Robert L Thompson: TVA Architects

Thompson, R FAIA
A lavishly illustrated monograph on the architecture and design work of renowned architect Robert L Thompson, founding Design Principal of TVA Architects, a Portland-based firm that focuses on building a foundation of collaboration, innovation, and conservation through beautiful design.
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Beautiful Beach Houses: Living in Stunning Coastal Escapes

Images Publishing Group
Beautiful Beach Houses showcases more than 30 designs from around the world, and provides a glimpse into smart contemporary living in homes that take full advantage of coastal environments.
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