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Landscape Architecture

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Landscape Architecture for Sea Level Rise: Innovative Global Solutions

Newman, Galen D.
This book assesses and illustrates innovative and practical world-wide measures for combating sea level rise from the profession of landscape architecture. The work explores how the appropriate mixture of integrated, multi-scalar flood protection mechanisms can reduce risks associated with flood events including sea level rise.
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The Art of Landscape Lighting: A Designer's Companion

Moyer, Janet Lennox
The Art of Landscape Lighting takes the reader step-by-step through Janet Lennox Moyer's design process. Personal and accessible in tone, the book covers tools, equipment, techniques, effects, installation, design composition and challenges using built case studies spanning the author's career.
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Multisensory Landscape Design: A Designer's Guide for Seeing

Roehr, Daniel (University of British Col
This is a textbook for design students, professionals, and educators to develop multisensorial literacy. This book is the first of its kind, providing introductions on each of the five senses, along with exercises that demonstrate how to observe, record, and visualize them.
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English Garden Eccentrics: Three Hundred Years of Extraordinary Groves, Burrowings, Mountains and Menageries

gowan, Todd Lodstaffe
A highly original study of eccentric English garden-makers and their extraordinary gardens
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With Nature: The Landscapes of Fiona Brockhoff

Brockhoff, Fiona
With Nature is an inspirational guide to garden design, landscaping and working with nature
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Beatrix Farrand: Garden Artist Landscape Architect

Tankard, Judith B.
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Representing Landscapes: One Hundred Years of Visual Communication

Amoroso, Nadia (University of Toronto, C
Representing Landscapes: One Hundred Years of Visual Communication offers a detailed account of how past and present landscape architects and practitioners have harnessed the power of visualization to frame and situate their designs within the larger cultural, social, ecological and political milieux.
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Landschaftlichkeit als Architekturidee

Buchert, Margitta
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