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Legal, Regulatory and Statutory Compliance

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B.S.Patil's Building and Engineering Contracts, 7th Edition

Patil, B.S. (Professional Consultant, Pu
This book acts as a practical guide to building and engineering contracts, where relevant points are explained with illustrations gathered from decided court cases. This book covers the substantive law of contract applicable to building/engineering contracts with updated judgements with FIDIC conditions and case studies.
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The Law of Construction Disputes

Chern, Cyril (Crown Office Chambers, UK)
Now in a fully updated third edition, The Law of Construction Disputes is a leading source of authoritative and detailed information on construction law including contracts, third parties, pursuing claims and dispute resolution.
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The International Application of FIDIC Contracts: A Practical Guide

Charrett, Donald
This book provides readers with detailed guidance and resources for the preparation of the Particular Conditions that will comply with the requirements of the applicable laws where the work is carried out, and for the governing law of the contract.
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Galbraith's Construction and Land Management Law for Students

de Silva, Carrie (Harper Adams Universit
"This textbook highlights the need for students on built environment related courses to access information on how the law relates to their profession"--
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Environmental Law: A Very Short Introduction

Fisher E
Although environmental laws are rarely able to provide the simple solutions that people want from them, they are essential for the future of our planet. This book explores how legal responses are shaped in response to the problems facing the environment today, and the socio-political conflicts facing environmental legislation.
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Architectural Design and Regulation

Imrie, Rob & Street, Emma
Governments are placing increasing emphasis on design codes, building regulations, and planning statements to guide the conduct of architects, and to fashion much more of the design process but there has been little research on what architects feel and think about this, and how it is affecting what they do and their daily patterns of work.
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Decoding Eurocode 7

Bond A , Harris A
Offers a detailed examination of Eurocode 7 Parts 1 and 2 and an overview of the associated European and International standards. This book explains the key Principles and Application Rules of Eurocode 7 in a logical and simple manner. It is suitable for practitioners as well as students working in geotechnical fields.
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Fire Performance Analysis for Buildings

Fitzgerald R
A building fire is dynamic. A continually changing hostile fire environment influences time relationships that affect fire defenses and risks to people and building functions. The fire and fire defenses in each building interact with different sequences and distinct ways. Risks are characterized by the building s performance.
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2018 International Existing Building Code Handbook

Kimball, Chris
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FIDIC Quick Reference Guide: Yellow Book

Barr, Brian
This book, FIDIC Handbook - Yellow, provides commentary on the Yellow Book: FIDIC Conditions Of Contract For Plant and Design-Build which is recommended for the provision of electrical and/or mechanical plant and for building and engineering works.
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