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Legal, Regulatory and Statutory Compliance

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Blackstone's Guide to Contaminated Land

Hellawell, Trevor
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Construction Contract Variations

Sargeant, Michael & Wieliczko, Max
This is the first book that deals exclusively with the subject of changes in construction projects, and it provides the detailed and comprehensive coverage that the subject demands.
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Scottish Planning Law

McAllister A et.al.
Scottish Planning Law is a comprehensive and accessible guide to a constantly changing and complex field.
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Construction Adjudication

Riches, John
Adjudication is now the main means for resolving construction disputes and has proved remarkably successful in that task. However, following the introduction of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996, a large range of issues of interpretation and practice have arisen, many of which have had to be considered by the courts.
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Causation and Delay in Construction Disputes

Carnell, Nicholas
Construction claims frequently involve a dispute about delay. Whether or not the contractor or client has a claim which can be proved successfully depends on establishing causation and understanding legal rights and obligations. This book shows how to identify and avoid problems during the project, and analyses claims for delay.
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The FIDIC Forms of Contract

Bunni, N.G.
In September 1999, FIDIC introduced its new Suite of Contracts, which included a new Red, Yellow, Silver and Green forms of contract. The new Red Book was intended to replace the 1992 fourth edition of the Red Book, with the ambition that its use would cease with time.
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Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

-Green, Barry Denyer(LLM, PhD, FRICS, Ba
Compulsory Purchase and Compensation is the essential guide to this complex and increasingly relevant area of the law. Now in its eleventh edition, no other book presents the same level of information on the law relating to compulsory purchase and compensation in England and Wales in such an accessible way.
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Evaluating Contract Claims

Mullen, John
Revised edition of: Evaluating contract claims / R. Peter Davison and John Mullen. 2009.
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Construction Law in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf

Grose, Michael
Construction Law in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf is an authoritative guide to construction law in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf. The principal theme is the contrast between construction law in an Islamic civil law jurisdiction and construction law in a common law jurisdiction.
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