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Legal, Regulatory and Statutory Compliance

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Fire Safety Law: A Practical Guide for Leaseholders, Building-Owners and Conveyancers

Ward, V. Charles
This book provides building-owners, managers, individual leaseholders, mortgage-lenders, landlords, and anyone involved in the purchase or sale of a flat situated within a multi-occupied block, with practical, yet comprehensive information regarding the subject of fire safety and the associated responsibilities, obligations and rights.
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NEC4: Defined Cost and Compensation Events

Patrick Waterhouse
NEC4: Defined Cost and Compensation Events explains how to manage compensation events, and the wider role that Defined Cost has within the NEC contract.
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Adjudication Practice and Procedure in Ireland: Construction Contracts Act 2013

Keogh, Damien
Drawing on a combined forty years of experience in construction law, the authors provide invaluable guidance for employers and contractors on the adjudication process.
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A Practical Guide to Permitted Changes of Use: under the General Permitted Development Order

Goodall, Martin
A Practical Guide to Permitted Changes of Use is the only up to date, comprehensive practical guide to permitted changes of use. This Third Edition of the book has been completely revised to reflect further legislative changes and developing practice in the handling of prior approval applications under the various Classes of Parts 3 and 4.
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The Environment Act 2021: A Guide for Planners & Developers

Graham, Tom
The Environment Bill is set to receive Royal Assent in Autumn 2021. It is a landmark piece of legislation creating a new governance framework that will regulate how the nation manages biodiversity, water resources and air pollution. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the Act for planners and developers.
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Arbitration: A Very Short Introduction

Schultz, Thomas (Professor of Law, Profe
Arbitration is a legal dispute resolution mechanism, alternative to courts. This book explains what arbitration is, how it works, what parties who have agreed to go to arbitration should expect, the relationship between arbitration and the law, and the politics of arbitration. It also considers where the global system of arbitration is headed.
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The Law and Practice of Complex Construction Projects

Solimene, Fabio
This book expertly focuses on practical issues whilst also providing insights on the law applying to construction projects.
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Decision-making in International Construction Arbitration

Besaiso, Haytham
This book contributes to the empirical understanding of how arbitrators make their decisions on the substance of commercial disputes arising from international construction projects
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Town and Country Planning in the UK

Cullingworth, Barry
This book provides one of the most authoritative and comprehensive accounts of British planning history, institutions, legislation, policies, processes and practices, supported by analyses, interpretations, illustrations, and examples from planning practice.
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