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Complex City: London's Changing Character

Manning, Jane
This is a visual, geographic and narrative journey that explains why London is the way it is today.
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Queer London: A Guide to the City's LGBTQ+ Past and Present

Kheraj, Alim
A timely and accessible introduction to London's LGBTQ+ scene, past and present. This book delves into the cultural history of queerness in the capital, including events, organisations or venues that have sometimes been forgotten or overlooked, but which were of key importance to the community.
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Bike London: A Guide to Cycling in the City

Allenby, Charlie
Bike London is the definitive guide to cycling in the UK's capital. This book collects interesting facts and snippets of information from London's 100-year-plus love affair with the bicycle.
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London's Underground: The Story of the Tube

Green, Oliver
Published in conjunction with TFL, this is a comprehensive guide to the London Underground, combining a historical overview, illustrations and newly commissioned photography.
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Pie & Mash London

Green, Jake
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The Buildings of Green Park: A tour of certain buildings, monuments and other structures in Mayfair and St. James's

Jones, Andrew
A detailed historical study of the buildings of Mayfair and St James's.Photographs accompanied by black-and-white pictures and period art
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Pricegore & Yinka Ilori - Dulwich Pavilion

Price, Dingle
A striking, atmospheric documentation through images and brief texts of the 2019 Dulwich Pavilion in London, designed by London-based architects Dingle Price and Alex Gore in collaboration with British artist Yinka Ilori.
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London: On the Road Architectural Guides

Nastri, Andrea
Second edition of the London Architecture Guide, with new insights and new itineraries.
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