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Complex City: London's Changing Character

Manning, Jane
This is a visual, geographic and narrative journey that explains why London is the way it is today.
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Soho: A Street Guide to Soho's History, Architecture and People

Cruickshank, Dan
A deeply imaginative, street-by-street and meticulously researched biography of one of London's most vibrant and seductive districts.
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Golden Age of Camden Housing

Watkinson F
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The Corners

Dorley-Brown, Chris
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Charles Booth's London Poverty Maps

Morgan, Mary S.
This insightful, evocative, and sumptuous volume brings Charles Booth's landmark survey of late nineteenth-century London to a new audience.
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Pie & Mash London

Green, Jake
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111 Churches in London That You Shouldn't Miss

Barber, Emma Rose
111 Churches in London That You Shouldn't Miss interweaves artistic insights, anecdotes, stories of saints and sinners and the rich narratives of buildings that provide another way of looking at London's history.
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111 Gardens in London That You Shouldn't Miss

Glasow, Kirstin von
The ultimate insider's garden guide to London, an extension of the international 111 Places/111 Shops series.
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