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Manufacturing and Industrial

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Colour of Modernisation

Barnstone D A
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Industrial Britain: An Architectural History

Pragnell, Hubert J.
Industrial Britain details the fascinating history of industrial architecture in Britain by architectural historian and artist, Hubert Pragnell.
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Typologies of Industrial Buildings

Becher, Bernd & Hill
An encyclopedic collection of all known Becher industrial studies, arranged by building type.
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Cleanroom Design

Whyte, W.
A clean environment is essential for modern industrial manufacturing. A cleanroom is designed to ensure that a product is not contaminated-without this assurance many products such as microcircuits, optical systems and pharmaceutical and medical devices could not be manufactured.
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Buildings for Industrial Storage and Distribution

Drury, Jolyon
Suitable for the industrial storage and distribution industry, this is a manual of policy and practice. It provides information for those with empty buildings on their hands, those trying to find space for new and/or growing enterprises and those faced with the problem of how to manage multi-tenant, multi-use buildings.
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Bakery Design

Tzokas, Athanasios
The baking industry has seen a developing momentum in recent years.
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Hadighi, Mehrdad
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Architecture and Waste: A (Re)Planned Obsolescence

Kara H
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Industrial Buildings: A Design Manual

Adam, Jurgen
Building structures to house the logistical and manufacturing processes of industry are one of the largest architectural assignments. The functional requirements are fulfilled by typifies or modular solutions. This book emphasises on those functions and procedures that inform the design such as production, montage, storage and distribution.
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